$CURI is (almost) unbelievably cheap
Over the past year since CuriosityStream went public the stock has been on a fairly steady ride. Straight Down.

While I am not a shareholder currently I have been interested in the business for a while. Right now I just want to go over some of the numbers.

First is the market cap. At one point this was a $1b+ company. Not anymore.

The second is the cash on hand. It's almost the whole market cap.

Add the rest of the current assets and its trading for less than the total current assets.

Total debt is not really an issue either and $CURI can easily cover all of its debt.

Unfortunately Cheap is not an investing thesis. While I like the underlying business the fact that they still haven't turned a profit since inception despite having relatively low content acquisition costs is not great.

Glad I didn't start a position yet. Was planning to around $6 so looks like I dodged a bullet.
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Do you think this is a potential M&A target?
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@joeyhirendernath if $CURI goes down another 40-ish percent then it would be below net cash. I would think basically any streaming service could pick it up, add the content to their library and bag the excess cash.

I think $WBD is the most likely to do this, so yes I do view $CURI as a very likely M&A target.