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Poland's largest utility which owns Europe's most polluting power plants to ditch coal in 7 years, to make 50% of electricity from renewables by 2030, 70% by 2040.

This is a huge turnaround since the company made 80% of electricity from coal last year.

You better don't believe they are doing this because they feel generous. The investments will reportedly cost them $30B by 2030, and yet they still are moving to ditch coal fast. Why is that? Renewables are much cheaper to operate, besides being ecological. WAY CHEAPER.

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Most of the investments the group is making will reportedly go towards offshore wind farms, and later a nuclear power plant.
Europe’s Dirtiest Power Plant Expects Clean Break From Coal in Seven Years - BNN Bloomberg
Poland’s largest utility and the owner of Europe’s most polluting power plant expects to ditch coal entirely as early as in seven years after the country completes its plan to move all its dirty assets to a bad bank-like entity.

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