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The Original Cocaine Bear [Stearns], and Markets High on Passive Investing
My latest market outlook and portfolio details just dropped on Substack.
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Ha ! Cocaine Bear Stearns !
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This is a really great post, it's definitely challenged my passive approach to investing in index funds and highlighted the dangers of relying on such an approach. Do you have any words of advice to a beginner investor on how they can protect against the downsides of this?
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@joeyhirendernath Hi Joey. Thank you so much for the kind words. If you are a beginner and you are comfortable with index funds, a good place to start is by knowing when to be be in, or out, of them. And you can use my substack posts to begin understanding where we are in the market cycle. For example, I expect US stock indexes to head lower over the course of 2023, but with big bounces along the way such as the rally that began in October 2022, lasting at least until Feb 1 of this year. While the precise timing of moves in the S&P 500 is speculative at best, I expect the current sell-off in stocks to find a trade-able bottom around early April. Of course, we can’t trade that until we get there, but it’s best to have a baseline for expectations and that can be adjusted along the way.

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