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Broad Rally
Looks like everything is having a nice day!

My growth, O&G, and income portfolio are all green.

There's a lot of talk about extreme fear, bearish sentiment, oversold conditions, etc...

The above conditions are usually good for a rally, but the talk about them gives me pause. Usually when everyone see's it, there's something else about to happen.

Either way, I'll enjoy the rally, but I won't be chasing anything today.

How are y'all feeling about this rally? 👇

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Hoping for the first overall green week since March LMAO
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@cshell12 I've got a good case of hopium also 😊
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@parrot I wish I could shut it off till august but I check all damn day😅
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Market doesn’t really feel like it has hit that point of exhaustion yet
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@ntfinvesting Unfortunately I agree with you... but maybe that's a sign in and of itself 🤔
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@ntfinvesting Agreed, seems like bear market rally to me
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@parrot could be. On the other hand I want to buy right now which makes me think I shouldn’t lol
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@ntfinvesting 😂 I’ve been slowly DCA but only on down days
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Market does not seem to make sense lately, but even in downturns it won't always be straight down or straight up. I think it may be a daily move but relish it while you can!