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Looming decrease in spending to further impact the market
  • Consumer spending hasn't fully corrected (people are still paying for more streaming services than they need πŸ˜…)
  • As companies cut software and ad spend the companies they were paying for unneeded seats and paid acq for will have decreased earnings ($GOOGL, $ADBE, $META, $SNAP, etc)
  • Many institutions have already reacted to this, but there will be continued selling pressure
$SPY will be under $367/share on 7/15/2022
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You buying puts?
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@goldenlacllc I'm not - although I should. The romantic in me has trouble actually betting against the general market despite me thinking it will go down in the short-term. Long-term I can't bet against progress.
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so this prediction implies a 3% decline in a month. would be great to see where this falls in the distribution of monthly returns, especially when the prior month has also seen a decline.
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@diggity pls fix thx
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@eric i comment mainly to keep track of my own feature requests
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cc @diggity @anant per our conversation
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yea services still big