Home Depot from 2000 - 2013, Why Patience Pays Off
I'm keeping it extra simple today.

Down markets are gifts to dividend investors.

Consider Home Depot $HD : From 2000 - 2013, shares went no where and suffered a major downtrend. On the surface it appeared to be dead money.

However, the quarterly dividend continued to grow at a healthy clip, rising from .04 to .39 over the same period. Today the distribution is $2.09 . Seeds become trees for the patient dividend-growth investor.

Keep going.

I'm long HD.

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Love Home Depot. Just listened to the business breakdowns podcast on it - super interesting - especially the comparison with Lowe's. Here's a link if anyone is interested: https://www.joincolossus.com/episodes/21920043/stannard-stockton-home-depot-the-pro-builders-choice?tab=transcript
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It’s one of the best dividend growth names ever. LOW is equally impressive (long both)
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I'm looking for stocks that are currently in that stagnation period
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@dissectmarkets that’s how the snowball getting rolling



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