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Long counter adding $NNDM, $RYCEY, $JMIA , $SE , $FSR
Small adds to the counters where I'm holding for longer period. Rolls Royce is the risky one, I can't be certain if they can be turnaround, they really need new product and not the cost draining ones.
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@kckc woud love to have some more context on your thesis for $NNDM

I like NNDM (3D Printing) as they are in addictive mfg which has not reached a critical
mass of adoption yet. I do like their technology and machines, there are quite a bit of product video in the nndm youtube channel. I bought mainly because of their Tech and there are really a lot of useful applications and it is so highly customizable, if they can match up the right acquisition candidates, especially those with strong channels in countries that they have not entered.

They did raise many rounds of funds in 2021 (I think), which should be on standby for acquisition. However, since their raising of funds and causing dilution to shareholders,
they have not gotten into many acquisitions yet that can put them on the growth track. Some shareholders are getting really impatient about it, given that share price had come down from $15ish to $2.x. With Covid, I don’t think it’s going to be quick in getting acquisition done.

My personal take anything in the engineering field can’t be fast, you really have to be a
little more patient. With the cash raised they are seating on 1B cash so I have no concerns with them going bust while I wait it out. The long and short term debt are small with the cash assets, they are still not profitable yet.

Currently they do have some issue with one of the major shareholder Murchinson Ltd which tries to buy out the remaining share at around $4 a piece, try to call for shareholders meeting etc I have no clue if they really have issue with the acquisition
or they are eyeing on the cash assets and trying to flip the company if they get their way or what.
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You can follow a lot of the companies news from their website press release: https://investors.nano-di.com/press-releases/
Latest presentation:
Yoav Stern the CEO trying to answer some of the qns shareholders email him on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKutqRjdr6o

The CEO does have a bit of strong views which may put some shareholders off to be honest, but I don’t think he is taking nonsense.

Top Shareholders List

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I don’t mind holding for longer period.
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@kckc Thank you for this. It's really helpful to have the full picture :)
@joeyhirendernath u need to look at the latest vid from Yoav where he explains what happen to company he was there for a short while. It's quite funny with slanderers trying to pull him down. https://youtu.be/OaULZcvxJqg
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This was quite fun 😄
"A gentleman wrote me a couple of days ago with complaints about the company said he had heard rumors on social media that Yoav bought a airplane that crashed it in a fatal accident. "

"We didn't have an airplane, we never bought an airplane, and I am alive."
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Here's to hoping the uptrend continues :)
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@nathanworden yes i hope the distraction from errand shareholder can be of a past soon so he cen focus back on business. I'm still adding my shares bit by bit.



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