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Portfolio Update!
Well it is still tough sledding out there especially for my growth names but I am staying the course. I am long term focused and have held some of these names almost 10 years now so you won’t see me turning paper losses into realized losses anytime soon. That said, there have been a few bright spots to highlight!

  1. $CHPT has been benefiting on the back of the energy transition and need for charging stations for all the EV’s on the road and coning in the future as their popularity continues to grow with consumers.

  1. $O - I started a position here thanks to a friend @investor_from_nepal and have it set to DRIP (dividend reinvestment program). I plan to let this compound for at least 5 years. Hope to give the portfolio some stability via regular (monthly) dividend income.

  1. $WING - has been a very strong performer for me. An underrated stock in my opinion. I chose them based on some research I did on their ability to tackle supply chain issues during and after the pandemic. They moved from simply buying wings to the entire bird. Started selling dark meat and thighs and now are using the rest of the meat to create a new line of chicken sandwiches. Overall I am very impressed with their leadership and creativity to strengthen their business with new offerings in an overall challenging environment.
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I like NTST over O but you already know that lol. Need more CVS my man lol
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@christian7621 NTST is solid and on my watch list!
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@strib may the best reit win lol. Na I like O a lot I just think too many people own it lol. Like to find my own and Netstreit is that
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@christian7621 it’s on! image

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Portfolio share on my side has lost its color code. If I can I’ll update it later to make it a bit easier to read I will!
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@strib Thanks for the heads up! Talking with the engineers now— they are looking into it. Gotta get that color back!
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I really like $CHPT they make up around 7% of my US portfolio took advantage of the dip earlier in the year to get my DCA down to $15.61 a share.
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great picks! $CHPT is on my watch list as well. If you are into growth and dividend i believe $RKLB would be a great growth company in the next few years and eventually lead its way to dividend as its space systems infrastructure for launch capabilities and in-space manufacturing will be huge in the future for great cash flow and dividends (my prediction )
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@astronautwizard I dig it. I’ve been watching the $UFO ETF in the “space” pun intended