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I’m up 56% on Fever-Tree £FEVR. Should I have bought more?
My best performing investment this year is Fever-Tree. The kicker is that it makes up less that 2% of my portfolio.

Why did I not buy more?

When I invest in a company I like to do it in 3 tranches. I set a buy price along with 2 further buy points. My entry point for £FEVR was £8.50. My second purchase price would have been £6. The share price rebounded so it never reached those levels.

This approach works for me as;
-I don’t feel like I missed out on a company I hold conviction about
-it gives me the chance to invest further if the share price drops
-I don’t have to wait until the entry point is ‘perfect’ as I’ll certainly price companies incorrectly

This allows me to build positions in companies between 5-10% of my portfolio.
It’s an approach which has worked for me since 2021 that I wanted to share.


Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Joey Hirendernath
@joeyhirendernathApril 27
Amazing performance! What was it that initially brought your attention to Fever-Tree? It would also be helpful to know what factors cemented your decision to start a position :)
Sonny - Secret Sauce Investing's avatar
Sonny - Secret Sauce Investing
@sonnyApril 27Author
@joeyhirendernath thanks Joey. I originally covered the company here. My philosophy remains similar today

Joshua Simka's avatar
Joshua Simka
@tomatoApril 28
I feel like I'm seeing Fever-Tree everywhere I go. It's delicious! They really created a niche in the premium mixer category. It first came to my attention when I was having a drink at the bar at Nougatine in Manhattan c. 2014. I was sitting beside a $BAC executive from North Carolina who ordered a gin on the rocks and asked the bartender if they had Fever-Tree tonic in the house. They didn't and she whipped one of the little bottles right out of her purse! I grinned in amazement and, noticing my expression, she resolutely stated that she almost always has a bottle of Fever-Tree tonic with her. Cheers!
Sonny - Secret Sauce Investing's avatar
Sonny - Secret Sauce Investing
@sonnyApril 28Author
Great anecdote, Joshua! I work in the drinks in my day job and Fever-tree are utterly dominant. I’m surprised $KO haven’t bought them.
Nathan Worden's avatar
Nathan Worden
@nathanwordenApril 29
I'd never heard of it, but now I'll be looking!

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