Layoffs in Big Tech
Recession or a result of overhiring during Covid-led boom?

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Overhiring is not unique to tech - happens in every industry. Banking is notorious for ratcheting headcount. $GS was doing major cuts this week but it does not grab as much headlines as tech
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@consumeowntech True. Tech seems to be more in the news.
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100% overhiring. Also add $AMZN to that mix went from 800k to 1.5 mio in headcount.
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@rihardjarc Indeed, Amazon too! Though a lot of that is warehouse staff from what I read.
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@trendlinehq Yeah. I think $AMZN business model is probably one that will benefit the most from advancements of automation on AI. The EBITDA that could be unlocked is huge.
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By the looks of it, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce probably have even more layoffs in store
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@nathanworden wont surprise me.



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