Google Cloud Platform
Last week, in the Goldman Sachs Conference, Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud's CEO gave a presentation on how the platform is going. A few highlights:

  • Customers use on average more than 13 Products.
  • Customers with 1M+ of spending grew 6x YoY.
  • 70% of top 100 Unicorns use Google Cloud Services.
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  1. Revenue has 3x in 3/4 years, achieving a very high CAGR.
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  1. Google currently leads in:

  • Data Cloud
  • Open Infrastructure Cloud.
  • Collaborative Cloud.
  • Trusted Cloud.
  • Industry Cloud
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  1. Momentum across products:

"Google Workspace is the world's most popular productivity tool with >3 billion monthly active users across the globe."

Image is very revealing.

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  1. A high percentage of top companies are either customers or partners across several industries.

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Great write up @giuliano_mana , thanks for sharing !
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@stockopine Thanks man, no problem. The segment is being quite dismissed by investors. Usually Azure/AWS get the spotlight.