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The decoupling is complete
$TSLA is trading at it's biggest disconnect ever between stock price and EPS trend. Bigger delta than "Funding Secured" and "Covid Lockdown" sagas. Tesla stock now trades completely decoupled from earnings. This is not common in any sector, and contrary to popular belief, it is not macro driven at all. We are witnessing a very rare event, that will be studied in micro-economics classes for years to come.

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What is your best guess for why this is happening? Would you place any weight in the theory that investors notice that Elon is caught up managing Twitter and so Tesla is probably not getting the direction it needs?
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@nathanworden I’m also interested in what the CS universe thinks is the cause.
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@nathanworden Investors should have been more concerned when Elon was caught up managing Amber Heard when they were together (!)
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@nathanworden institutional investors selling in droves because of Elon’s erratic behavior, and left leaning retail investors selling in droves because of Elon can’t shut up about being a right winger now. Only a buyback stops the disconnect at this point.