$SLV Top 5 Position
Just notice that $SLV is now a top 5 position and also noticed I bottom ticked it pretty well +10% since the 1st of September.

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I absolutely love that CVS is a top position for you. I want to continue to add to them myself. One of my favorite companies long term
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@christian7621 number 1 no matter how much I add to Intel
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@dollarsandsense I really am happy there’s someone out there that sees the potential in CVS like I do. Intel I cant comment on that I think they aren’t run good so I’ll never own. But hope you make some money there. CVS though it’s gonna be a special healthcare company. Them and Disney are my growth plays for the future along with SBUX . Most people call those value names but to me all 3 of those stocks will see new heights