Meta’s bet of the Metaverse $META
I have no position in $META
Is there a point when Meta gives up on the Metaverse? Are they into deep now?
20 VotesPoll ended on: 06/22/22
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@moneyshark are you of the opinion that $META's investments, R & D into VR were too heavy?

I would have to agree with @investmenttalk here as it's more so a collective of online communication, commerce, etc. They seem to have their eggs in many baskets even if the VR and AR are a little heavy.
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@joeyhirendernath I am, too much too quickly. We'll see how it plays out
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The name change was dumb, the investments too aggressive but eventually it will work out and they'll be printing money again
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Even if they give up, it seems inevitable that in one way or another some company will create their own variant that becomes as big as many thought the Metaverse would be (or still may be)
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@alex18 I agree. I don’t see it being Meta to pull it off
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$META is far from the metaverse. $RBLX is the closest thing we have to a metaverse.
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I don’t think a company of that size van be in too deep. They still have their other existing businesses to fall back on if the metaverse is a flop
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If they do, the stock would drop hard and fast
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Not in too deep, too premature.
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@investmenttalk I thought the name change was extremely quick. I understand they want to build a new brand and distance themselves from Facebook
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@moneyshark The name change was symbolic. Mark doesn't view the metaverse as a "VR or AR thing", but a collective of online communication, commerce, etc. So it makes sense, to me. They could have named themselves that 2 years ago.