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PayPal Earnings Reaction
  • The company reported revenue of $6.8 billion, up 9% year over year (YOY), and earnings per share of $0.93, down 19% YOY.
  • Venmo ended the quarter with approximately 90 million users, and total payment volume is expected to reach a quarter of a trillion dollars.
  • Management also reiterated its 50%-plus revenue growth guidance for Venmo.
  • PayPal added 400,000 net new active accounts and ended the quarter with 429 million active accounts, up 6%.
  • PayPal ended the quarter with free cash flow of $1.3 billion and is expecting to end the year with over $5 billion in free cash flow.
  • The company authorized a new $15 billion share repurchase program.
  • Management expects margin expansion to start in Q4 of this year and continue in 2023.
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