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SupremeX - a Peter Lynch Special
A fun (boring) little (tiny) microcap deep dive here into SupremeX - $SXP - leading North American player growing revs >24% YoY in a dying and fragmented envelope industry - leveraging the cash flows and expertise in envelopes to pivot towards a growthier packaging market while continuing to consolidate envelope market through acquistion.

$113m market cap
0.4x P/S
23% FCF Yield
PEG Ratio: 0.5

Potentially a lot of value to be found in an unloved Canadian microcap coming off a bad quarter - but potentially a lot of risk as well. Check out my read up on the company, business model, management team, industry, + the balance sheet and investment opportunity.
Envelopes are (sorta) out - packaging is in. Will this investment win?

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