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$TSLA main takeaway from Investor day for me - Tesla is aiming to reduce costs of next-gen platform by 50% and reduce footprint required by about 40% vs Model3/Y platform. So this means the compact is either going to be insanely profitable or very affordable, or something in between, and smaller footprint will allow faster ramp-up and capacity in same-sized fabs. Love it!
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it was an ok event. People probably kind of expected more emphasis on profits and cost control. But some were expecting some more bombastic announcements. If you are Elon Musk the expectations at these events are always sky high.
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Seems like the event was somewhat... dare I say... mature? It feels like Elon was not center stage, which is probably good.
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@nathanworden I agree. Much more diversity than just one man show. This is good.



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