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Two Day Earnings Play
If they were all this easy, I’d be a whole lot richer.

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Joshua Simka
@tomatoMay 5
Wow, impressive! What was behind the stock's big earnings pop?
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Derek Spartz
@derekilabMay 5Author
@tomato gaining market share and ability to keep stock during egg shortage. They recently built a huge egg distribution center and Amazon is a big investor, they know a thing or two about getting products delivered… and they are obviously prominently featured in Whole Foods for that reason too. I’ve personally seen them grabbing shelf space from other brands and the egg shortage also taught us that people can handle a little higher prices, especially when their product is superior (which it is, very high quality eggs)
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Dissecting the Markets
@dissectmarketsMay 6
Wow! Congrats on the gain
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