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My $UPST trades
Realizing now the % more on Commonstock is share count driven. My shares did increase 42% but my total cost basis increased 11%.

Transaction Journal Entry:
Clear headwinds for Upstart and there's now, at least (hopefully) temporarily, credit risk exposure on their balance sheet, which makes them more of a bank than a fintech company, but the financials and KPIs make me comfortable adding at these prices. Bank & Credit Union partners continue to increase, auto dealers using Upstart rising faster, concentration risk with CRB and Bank Unknown decreasing (albeit slowly). Most importantly, the percent of loans fully automated jumped back up to 74%.

Metrics I track on each buy:
P/S - 2.99
Forward P/S - 1.62
PSG - 0.02
P/FCF - (20)
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I added to my $UPST position again today, and it’s more in conviction than hope this time, the thesis is still solid to me and I’m averaging down nicely 👍
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@hag I hope your cost basis per share is better than mine. I'm sitting at $108.01 lol
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@interrobangbros I’m at $68.47, tempted to keep adding but I’m waiting to see other bargains🤞