School Bus Boom?
With rebates coming (see below) could now be the time to invest in school bus stocks?

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last month opened applications for rebates totaling $250 million for school districts to replace existing diesel school buses with electric buses, as well as another $250 million for zero-emission alternatives like propane and compressed natural gas. Another $4.5 billion in Clean School Bus Program rebates will roll out over the next four years.”
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Do you see $PTRA benefiting a lot from it because many schools want to get electric buses?
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@dissectmarkets not sure. I’d assume the big players will benefit the most since they have established systems for capitalizing on rebates. Which EV company they partner with will be an interesting watch.

EV companies feel like the Wild West right now with everyone offering their unique product without widespread adoption.
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@averageinvestor I don't see many of the big players focused on buses.
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@dissectmarkets I meant companies like BlueBird who were already big in busses just putting together an EV option.
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I’ve heard making school buses is a tough business. Very commoditized.
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Cummins Group makes a ton of mass transit and vehicles and now have an ev wing as well
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I had never heard of or thought to invest in school bus stocks! I'd assume this isn't a buy-and-hold kind of investment?
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also I want to clarify I own CMI, Cummins Group, but of you go look at what they are doing and how many mass transit buses they have delivered to major cities already.