Countries buying gold doesn't necessarily protect them from future calamity
The gold community is filled with people who carry a false belief that gold is a hedge against inflation. The community also carries a false belief that if gold was the currency of today and not fiat, then there would be no inflation.

If you look back at the era of exploration back in the 1400s to the end of the 1600s, you'll find that even as nations were transacting in gold, there was still inflation. Consider the Spanish Monarchy, which went bankrupt 9 times. As for the average Spanish citizen, they became poorer even as their explorer peers extracted tons of gold and other precious metals from the Americas.

Going back to the gold standard won't fix the issues that happened in society since the US got off the gold standard. Creating a Bretton Woods 2.0 system globally won't alleviate global inequality. The money printer isn't solely responsible for rising prices and printing as much money as possible won't be able to help companies sell bad products & services at higher prices.

Even if America was on the gold standard, there would still be a housing shortage in the SF Bay Area. Even if the world does transactions in gold, we would still see grain prices surge after Russia initiated its invasion of Ukraine.

Even if the world did transactions in either Bitcoin or gold, a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would cause semiconductor prices to surge.

If the supply & demand side of various economic issues weren't there, I can understand why the money printer is the sole thing to blame for rising prices. Otherwise, we shouldn't immediately jump to conclusions and blame the money printer for why prices are surging when there are already supply & demand issues that impact the price of something in bigger ways.
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The gold standard makes no sense. Why pin your currency to a mineral? It creates too many problems to count. Some gold bugs and bitcoin boosters want their investment to go up, even if it sends our monetary system to the dark ages.

Just my two cents.
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@valuabl well said. I agree with everything you said in your comment.



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