Commonstock is Full of Alpha
I read @pat_connolly's memo and watched the referenced video a couple of days ago. Did some further research and bought a starter position in Soluna $SLNH.

Not Solana (the crypto). Soluna Holdings, (a company).

They operates modular data centers that eliminate wasted energy and deliver revenue to renewable energy producers. (They do this primarily by mining bitcoin).

Up 17% since I bought it, but am planning to hold it for at least a year. (Maybe even add to it if we hit a down cycle in Bitcoin and all the miners drop.)

Here's the memo:

Post media
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Also, this isn't my only holding. My main broker isn't able to be connected to Commonstock.
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Appreciate the heads up! What's your main broker? (feel free to DM if you'd prefer)
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S/o to @pat_connolly for continuing to be a major addition to the community! Been on board for quite some time.
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Coincidentally John Oliver did a piece on the energy grid last night and about halfway through he touches on the problem of wasted energy… hence $SLNH being a solution to a very real problem (probably not society’s ideal solution though)



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