Response to Grant Cardone

Just saw this on Instagram comparing stocks and real estate. I say if you can, do both. But this list is not entirely true. Stocks can also have tax benefits, be inflation positive, offer monthly dividends, be less volatile, and provide some control.

The above is generally true for dividend stocks. All the things he mentioned were not available through stocks is only true of non- dividend paying growth stocks.

All the these things are available with stocks but it will depend on the type of stocks and the type of account they are being held in.
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GC pitches what he makes money from, courses how to market, sell RE etc if he ever moves into stocks you better believe that he will change things around in that post/picture to accommodate whatever that is pushing
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The amount of time it would take for a young person to save for a single real estate property and buy a home would be a sunk cost compared to the compounding interest that investing in the stock market provides over time, assuming index returns
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Given where I live, the barrier to entry into the real estate foray is so high that I think I am a decade away unless I become a successful hedge fund manager lol
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I agree, Cardone is in it for clicks mostly though. His game is real estate and he tries to get investors in his deals, also its how he amassed his wealth so he'll always view it more positively.
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He’s doing what he does best. Sell BS.

His RE points may be right but instead of selling wealth diversification, he just wants to 💩on equity during a bear market. Doesn’t take anybody special to do that.
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If possible. Doing both is a great idea. Looks alot like clickbait to me
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I would ideally like to be invested in both, but find the barrier of entry into real estate daunting
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@scorebdinvestor me too. I’m amazed at all the details but I’m scared to get into it especially since I don’t have anyone to mentor me
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The barriers to entry for stocks are much higher. Not sure why these real estate gurus advertise like they think that everyone can do it.