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Being wrong.
One does not know everything, and one can definitely be wrong.

Yet it’s important to differentiate between feeling like you are wrong and knowing that you are wrong.

Let the latter be backed by logical reasoning, data and evidence.
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@eugeneng, can you recall any instances where you 'felt' wrong but upon looking closer at the data and evidence you came to realize that you weren't wrong? And what did you do about that?
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@tomato definitely.

I had invested in Wirecard a couple of years back, but exited after an investigation when the first FT report broke.

The recent Muddy Water’s recent short thesis on Dlocal got me feeling initially that I might have gotten it wrong again (which I clearly could still).

But after spending time to list down every point and properly use data and judgement to determine if each point was valid or not, I became far less emotional and much more logical. That helped significantly.
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Important to constantly learn, specially if you are in the investing business.