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This company is so special. JP Morgan Health Care Conference was this morning and I was listening like a hawk. Karen is absolutely fantastic. Look at these numbers. 300k plus employees driving healthcare across America and making it better. Reiterated guidance for 2022 with huge numbers. Spoke about their business as well as the future. Copied the slides here for you all to see. One of my absolute favorite companies long term.

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I know that @from100kto1m would appreciate this!
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@joeyhirendernath thanks I did listen to it too but I’m not a fan of their new acquisitions and potential purchase of cano while still having such a large debt on balance sheet.

That conversation had too much vague jargon which I’m not fan
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@from100kto1m conference calls are always way better than those presentations. What acquisitions aren’t you a fan of? I get the large debt too I understand not great to see but look at DE and how they handle their debt. CVS needs to continue to acquire to help build out their image. There will be a time when they can stop and work on paying that down. I understand being frustrated with debt but this company isn’t like a salesforce or tech company where they acquire and can’t integrate and end up having terrible margins. Have to trust karen and management there.
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Looking concentrated Christian, I like it.

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@reasonableyield not really my full portfolio. Also have some names I’ve been looking to add to for weeks. I’m just waiting for us to finally bottom and I can cash in on my SPXS position. Let’s hope that starts tomorrow. Don’t think we out of bad news just yet



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