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Commonstock rocks!
So grateful to belong to this community!

In the middle of a bear market and I haven’t seen people dumping on others or other sorts of childish behaviour that adds 0 value.

@commonstock means higher quality and healthier discussions!
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In a down market Commonstock really shows it’s value— you don’t want to surround yourself with people who only tell you about their wins. Sharing about losses builds credibility. The type of people who are attracted to Commonstock in this market are in it for the long haul :)
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@nathanworden this is very accurate Nathan 🙌
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A healthy community comes first! Very great to have you all on the platform.
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@josh you can tell that everything is being built with a healthy community at core!
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absolutely! I love sharing my development and opinions here because it's met with an interesting questions that sometimes make me research certain things deeper and overall just critical but fair conversations! happy to create in such a friendly environment where I can always expect a great feedback!
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Please do continue to share and engage, @sammeciar! I'm also glad my incessant questions don't get on your nerves ;)
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Favourite part about it, safe space :)
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Yes... yes it does. Can confirm.

Haven't had any news to share the last few days on here. I feel naked. 😂😂
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@stockmarketnerd 😂 imagine what this could be in a bull market 🔥
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All working towards the same goal. No time for hate and dumping on each other!
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@investorinsight agree with this big time
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Amen Leandro!
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So happy to be on this platform. I find it much easier to create, share and engage here than other platforms
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Main question is, how do you keep this community as it scales?
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@fatbaby will be difficult but trols don’t typically share their portfolios or their actions which is the main problem on Twitter imho. More transparency here in CS means less troling
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@fatbaby as brokerage connection options get better, one way to scale community would be to give people with connected brokerages more reach. Like @invesquotes said: scammers, spammers, and low quality users are less likely to take the time to connect a brokerage. As long as everyone has a fair shot at connecting a brokerage, I think it makes sense to give these people more airtime.

Just a thought, and not representative of what Commonstock will actually do.
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@nathanworden interesting - so brokerages will be an indirect way to add a quality filter
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@invesquotes very true!
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@fatbaby Also from Nathan’s point, I believe that Commonstock will get better as we scale! Imagine peer reviewed thesis where bad opinions are able to be weeded out by performance or previous strategies. Lots of new problems will arise as we scale but they will be great problems to have.

The more data points = the stronger the platform.
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@fatbaby yeah that is just one idea of how to do it. Both to cut down on spam and to encourage quality discourse. If you know your portfolio is out in front of the world to see, that has a certain humbling effect.
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@nathanworden absolutely does, especially in times like these 😂
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@josh absolutely, excited to watch it happen!
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Really is a very positive community!