Some obscure facts I keep track of in regards to my portfolio companies
I like my spreadsheet for keeping track of some of the KPIs I care about, so here are some interesting ones:

  • 83% are based in the US
  • 72% FCF positive with majority at 20% FCF margin or greater
  • 94% with negative net debt (cash surplus)
  • An overwhelming majority of them beating revenue and EPS expectations in about 90%+ of the time in the past 5Y or since listing
  • 72% expected to grow at T+2FY CAGR of 15% or greater, with 50% expected to grow T+2FY CAGR of 25% or greater
  • 80%+ of the companies scoring 80% or better in "Recommend to a friend", "CEO Approval" categories on Glassdoor, with 89% of them scoring 4,0/5 or greater on total company rating
  • 83% are founder led or with at least one of the founders involved with the company
  • 61% of them do have some sort of an investment arm (ventures, etc.)
  • 72% of the companies have insiders own 5% of the company or more
  • 67% were founded prior to 2008 GFC (should be able to weather tough storms)
  • 67% of them are purely SW businesses
  • While a majority of them aren't a part of either S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 or both.

There you go, my data demon was just released!
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Ha ha ha "negative net debt" ... made me think twice because it's almost like a double negative. It's Saturday morning Australia time and I'm sitting here with a full cup of coffee. Realised I need to drink it first to kick start the brain before reading more posts on Commonstock !
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@jazziyoung hahaha cheers!