NET Earnings Summary
Q1 EPS $0.01 vs est. $0.00
Revenue $212.2M vs est. $205.65M

Q2 2022 EPS ($0.01)-$0.00 vs est. $0.00
Q2 2022 revenue $226.5-227.5M vs est. $217.9M

FY2022 EPS $0.03-$0.04 vs est. $0.03
FY2022 revenue $955-959M vs est. $932.7M

Nice double beat and raised guidance. Stock is down 17% after hours.

I love this company long term - valuation is still extended, but they are showing strong growth potential even with rising rates.

I traded this from $58 to $196 and have been waiting for a base to get back into the position.
Beat and go down 😢
Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
@surfngolf Its a rough market environment out there for any long term investors.
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@investorinsight Au contraire mon frere! I think this is a great market for long-term investors. I can accumulate shares of great companies at better and better prices. In 10 years, we’ll look back to this period and wish we had bought more because some prices were just so cheap.
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@interrobangbros I do agree if we are using a 10 year timeframe. Ultimately, we don’t have a ton of stocks that are basing which could start the reversal. Until that starts to happen, I will patiently wait on better entries.
Hopefully just a blip on the chart in 10 years.
Why did the stock go down actually? Even though earnings beat
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@nfarr Good Question. While I can’t give you an exact reason, here are my thoughts:

The numbers were great but companies that are not free cash flow positive are getting crushed right now.
While they expect to be free cash flow later this year, the market did not react well to the earnings given the high valuation.