6 Additions for This Week
Through my regular dollar-cost averaging in my $HOOD account on Monday and my Stash account Thursday, I added to the following stocks: $TTD, $SHOP, $MELI, $U, $UPST, and $SE.

These may be my single highest conviction stocks and make up a portion of my core 34 holdings.

Trade Desk will benefit from the steady shift to connected TV, alongside $ROKU.

Shopify, MercadoLibre, and Sea are fascinating at these prices and offer increasingly strong optionality as time goes on, it seems -- not to mention they dominate their niches already.

Unity faced a significant issue regarding its advertising, but it appears to be a one-off event. I cannot like this company's optionality more.

Upstart's sell-off completely confuses me. While risks remain, the risk/reward potential for the company has become far too interesting.


These are six great businesses with high growth optionality for the long term, now trading at significant discounts.

I am also planning to add to one of my "higher-risk" core holdings Monday -- who would you all pick?
Which riskier stock should I buy Monday?
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@joryko what a great list you have here. I’ve purely been technicals, but want to add fundamentals into my game. Any suggestions on good reading material to start off? Thanks.
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@samlucky7s That is awesome to hear!

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel and Why Does the Stock Market Go Up by @brianferoldi are fantastic for developing a strong understanding of markets and stocks.

For a more stock-picking style, I am currently reading 100 Baggers by Christopher Mayer, which highlights common themes amongst many “once in a lifetime” investments.
@joryko Thanks for the names. Ironically, I have The Psychology of Money on my start list this afternoon.
Josh, I went through your whole portfolio and really do like it for the most part. I had a couple of questions:

  1. With over 100+ names, does your portfolio not get over diluted? Or is that the intention in the name of diversification?

  1. Why are you holding a majority of the names at <1% of the portfolio? Any good returns would be so small that it wouldn’t reflect much on your overall returns

  1. Lastly, what are you seeing with TDOC? Your pretty heavy on that name; I’ve always seen it as FaceTime with my doc on the other side. The barrier to entry is cheap and easy, so no real moat. Reimbursements are also very low. Overall, it reminds me of $PTON - granny’s exercise bike with my iPad.

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  1. I may risk just matching the broader market's returns, but I plan to only add to my winners over the long term and let my losers fade away. Currently, this looks weird as everything is down, but if, for example, $TDOC continues struggling for another year or two, I won't be actively looking to add to it.

  1. This sizing comes from two things. First, my daughter's custodial account is a part of these figures, so some of the more considerable holdings are kind of double. Second, my core 34 holdings was a concept I started this year. This core 34 means these are my favorite 34 stocks (since I am 34), and I will try to focus the majority of my additions on this group.
  1. Since it is a more significant position, I am comfortable letting it ride without any large investments in the future. I am tempted to add a little one more time while down (which is why I wanted to see what people thought in the poll), but I doubt it will. I'm encouraged that they may have a better moat than is realized as $AMZN struggled to create its version of something similar and instead just partnered with Teladoc.