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Shopify Proxy Vote
Anyone else get a personal call to make sure they got the materials for the $SHOP proxy vote on July 7th?

I mean, I have a fair number of shares, but I didn't think I owned enough to warrant a personal phone call.

I guess it's just me & Tobi deciding the fate of the company! 🤣

Seriously just caught me a bit off guard. I've gotten plenty of materials in the mail and email, but never a phone call.

Btw, they are voting to split the stock 10-1; maybe a trade there for some of you degenerates! 😊

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Dang! I hope I wasn't really the only one who got a call or I just doxed myself to the PR guy... 😅
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They are back on my watch list for sure.
Birdman, how much of your trades are fundamentals vs technicals? Ty
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@samlucky7s most are a combination of both, but I’m not trading much in this market
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Seems like a good few e-commerce leaders have been exploring the idea of a stock split