What’s Old is New, Again, Again, and Again
As a shareholder of both $SBUX and $DIS, I’ve been thinking about how bringing back old CEOs makes me feel.
I have boiled it down to this question: is rehiring a former CEO more like getting back together with an ex or reuniting with a long lost friend?
Each has its benefits and drawbacks
Maybe we’ll have to see how this next round ends to make the final determination
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I too, question whether Iger is a war time CEO or was just a great bull/peace time CEO. Just the 2 years could’ve been the after effect of the system he left in place before retiring. I don’t think it’s wise to entirely lay blame on Chapek.
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$AAPL famously brought back Jobs - after firing him !
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@consumeowntech this was my first thought as well. Schultz more of a comparison just bc of founding origins in the return but definitely fills me with questions every time a CEO returns after a departure
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Going to be interesting to see. What do you think happened to cause Chapel to be dismissed?
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@ifb_podcast don't think he was well liked - look at the 100k+ who signed this petition

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@consumeowntech so you think it was cultural as opposed to operations?
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Probably both? A family friend worked at Disney and people just didn’t agree with him culturally or operationally ! Oh well