Irrational Behavior=ROI
As plenty of you know, I’m long $COIN. Recently they fell double digit % 3 consecutive days. As I mentioned daily that I was adding to my position, I reiterated around $55, that the more irrational the price movement, the more comfortable I felt pushing all my chips in (to any swing trade/contrarian play). Now, close to $70, that’s a pretty nice 2-3 day come up. $FB was the same recently, falling 25% overnight (irrational af) generating ~30% ROI over the next 2 calendar weeks. I try to be a buy and hold type, but sometimes the opportunities are too easy to pass up. I didn’t take advantage of the Coinbase bounce because I’m much more confident in longer term growth. I did add higher dollar amounts as it fell lower though. Added much more at $55 than I had at $80 or $100. I also did similar trades with $LU & $BABA recently, earning 20%-30% in less than 30 days. I can’t define “irrational” for others. It’s more of a mental model that I’ve developed to shortcut the analytical process. Requires a deep understanding of valuation and behavioral finance to execute confidently, and a lack of greed, but it works like a charm tho.
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