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FTC is scrutinizing Coca-Cola, pepsi pricing practices
FTC probe is said to be at preliminary stages
-no word if Dr. Pepper is involved
I don’t own KO but lemme tell you this. If it drops on some bs excuse my language I’ll be a buyer. Everyone knows who caused this. Stupid bill ackman and that stupid tweet. Guy tries to say coke is to blame for the worlds problems. Hey Bill coke is the least of your worries. Under $60 and I start getting ready. Let’s see what happens @seasnar I know you with me
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We have much more important things to worry about than a fizzy drink in a can. Most people that drink soda know it's not the healthiest bev, at the same time they could care less, and continue to drink.

About 1-2 months ago Pepsi was on Y-Fi (forgot who from mgmt) but were talking big on their pricing power. I could see them not liking that power while consumers are already complaining about inflation.

In $KO for the long term so definitely will pick up more if this causes a dip.
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@seasnar knock the company down because they have pricing power that’s the ftc way lol. You know. FTC can’t go after them for price increases when they are only bumping up costs due to inflation. This is the ignorance of the government and the FTC will lose in court. I guarantee it. Pay me to be KO lawyer plz I’ll have a field day with this one
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@christian7621 Right? unless they have raised prices significantly more than literally everyone else then I don't see an actual argument.
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@seasnar every company has raised prices. Legit every company, maybe if they can prove deceit or fraud I don’t know throwing out legal terms to hope it sticks. FTC got no case. Total joke
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When I began reading this, I had hoped you were not angling this into a "they are in trouble" post.

Then I read: " If it drops on some bs excuse my language I’ll be a buyer." - Love the attitude.
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@reasonableyield lol tell it like it is. I’ll always shoot you straight



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