Amazing memo by Howard Marks - I Beg to Differ
Some highlights:

  • Be idiosyncratically uncomfortable(Be different)
  • Take the long view(Fuck Macro and short-term BS)
  • Have conviction(And don't keep buying and selling shit, hang on enjoy the ride)
  • Evaluate businesses qualitatively(quant insights are discounted and common info.)
  • Be ready to make mistakes and underperform for a while
  • Second level thinking is important, if you cant then you will be average or below average

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Lots of great takeaways ! Thanks for sharing these highlights.
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Just read his book mastering the market cycle. A nice patient voice in times of chaos.
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@fatbaby Howard Marks is the GOAT
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I love the list of what second-level thinkers take into account
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@nathanworden going deeper down a business is fun, I love it
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Brilliant, thanks mate