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$10.8m follower assets
Like a smart dealer Microsoft gave the first hit of crack for free. CoPilot is now moving to $10/month
As a developer I hate this, but as an investor it makes me want to open a position. Thoughts?
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I love insights like this that are essentially 'boots on the ground' observations. To answer your question, yes, this makes me bullish $MSFT although I doubt CoPilot in particular will 'move the needle'. But the mindset of making good products, distributing them for free, and then starting to charge is smart.
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@nathanworden I agree that Copilot by itself will not move the needle but what makes me bullish is what it opens the door to. I can imagine a CoPilot version for excel, one for word similar to grammarly but with a creative autocomplete like GPT3. Basically the whole Microsoft eco system is now open to having an AI assistant that supercharges your efficiency
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My buddy is a senior dev, he regularly used something that he thought was equivalent to Co-pilot. I asked him to try out co-pilot because I was curious after hearing the $MSFT news - he did, and it blew his mind. Apparently it is heads-above the other tools (at least ones he was aware of). Will be checking back in with him to see how much he ends up using day to day.
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@01core_ben Its definitely a game changer. As I told Natha above Microsoft is so big that is not likely that copilot will move the needle, but what Im excited is that it opens the door for AI assistants as scale for everything in the microsoft ecosystem