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Which of the following companies is higher quality?
42%Texas Instruments
26 VotesPoll ended on: 06/16/22
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I say $TXN because in both good and bad times, their products continue to be in demand. Everyone can live without Fendi or Louis Vuitton. But many professionals and students rely on Texas Instrument's graphing calculators, semiconductors, etc.
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Loved your breakdown of both of these during my podcast! Both seem like great buys imo but I lean towards LVMH
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Both seem solid, with the incoming recession, TI might be better
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@goldenlacllc yes I think that if we enter into a recession LVMH might be impacted but TI would also be impacted imho because the automotive industry would be impacted
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Probably TI for me. Would be less worried about their cash flows considering the state of the market/economy
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I picked $LVMUY for the breadth of their brand portfolio and products. I think that in a dire environment institutions like schools and companies would curtail spending and make due with their current equipment whereas the people who can afford Fendi and Bulgari will still probably be able to do so in a recession.
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