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PayPal $PYPL Introduces 'Pay Monthly' to Give Consumers More Choice at Checkout

its newest buy now, pay later offering, issued by WebBank, which gives U.S. consumers the ability to spread payments out over longer periods of time. With the addition of Pay Monthly, customers will have access to a new offering through PayPal that gives them greater flexibility and even more choices to pay for the items they want and need.
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Damn the Buy now Pay Later going into overdrive, everybody chipping in. Let's just hope it's not Buy now Pay never thing.
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@rihardjarc I think companies with large log of data on users should be okay based on peoples habits but then again humans are unpredictable
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@from100kto1m true. Just my personal opinion that BNPL is a fad.
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Lots of the BNPL space remind me of Overend, Gurney and Company, a London banking house and bill discounter which collapsed in 1866
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Ideally people would only spend money they had but BNPL seems a better form of credit than credit cards are.