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$SLV squeeze
#silversqueeze is now trending on Twitter as the next target of Wall Street Bets. One WSB user has $235k in March 35 calls.

Apmex: "Due to unprecedented demand on physical silver products, we are unable to accept any additional orders until markets open Sunday evening." 👀

I recently got stopped out of my $SLV upside options trade when it erased 3 months of gains in 1 day Jan 8th... only to watch it grind higher my face.

Silver is still the most undervalued commodities relative to any other asset in currency terms.

With Yellen at the helm of the US Department of Treasury and rates expected to stay lower for longer, new investors may finally be waking up to the idea that metals are the only real asset class.

$SLV took in nearly a billion dollars of inflows on Friday (inflows = buying) , 2x the old record for this ETF.

Long $SLV & adding.

Considering trying pay $1 for the $SLV march 30/40 call spread. Currently marked 73c and may put a higher bid out there before the open to try and get filled as $SLV is expected to gap higher tomorrow. image

What are everyone’s thoughts? Are you hopping abroad the silver train 🚀 or staying on the sideline?!

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