The new bull case for Universal Display Corp $OLED
Universal Display Corp $OLED, the company that has invented OLED technology, is about to see a major breakthrough in its tech adoption as the technology could become cheaper for everyone in the future.

OLED technology has been out for a while. The majority of people have been exposed to OLED technology for the very first time when they got the iPhone 10 or any newer iPhone. OLED tech is a big thing for newer TVs. In terms of graphics quality and energy efficiency, OLED is the way to go. The flexibility of OLED technology makes foldable phones possible. Overall, OLED has the potential to replace LEDs.

For background, the article notes:

"A major reason why OLED TVs are pricier than their QLED counterparts is that OLED TV production, which uses a process called vacuum thermal evaporation, is both expensive and labor-intensive."

Researchers at Pusan National University in South Korea have found a new way of producing OLED devices. This new process is solution-processed OLEDs. While this breakthrough does help with making the production of OLED devices more economical on a wider scale, this technique has not been widely used because it's hard to layer the different parts of an OLED panel on top of each other using this method.

Until people start replacing their LED TVs with OLED TVs, for now, it looks like Universal Display Corp will have to reply on $AAPL to boost OLED adoption through the sale of newer iPhones and iPads and even newer MacBooks.

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