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$11.1m follower assets
After writing MT Capital Research for 1 year I have:
5000+ subscribers, 212,512 words published, 158,000+ total article views and an average open rate of 52%.
Here's MT Capital Research 1 Year Anniversary: Progress, Reflections and Advice.
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Great work MT! Keep it up.
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@tsoh_investing Thank you Alex!
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That’s awesome! It became all consuming for me. I work in an unrelated field, but investing is my hobby & passion. I started reading everything I could in 2011 when I got interested. In 2014 Seeking Alpha invited me to be a contributor. Being a recovering addict who grew up in poverty and was just getting on my feet and in college, I was blown away; and chickened out, due to the same fears you mentioned. Glad you overcame that and didn’t waste 10 years bein’ chicken shit🤣just recently started reaching out to share knowledge again, but needed a place to publicly track my trading. Enter CommonStock😉
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@wall_street_deebo Good for you Eric for starting again and overcoming those cards dealt to you. I appreciate the kind words.
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Congrats those are some great numbers. Curious, what would you say was the key to growing your sub base?
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@rihardjarc Thank you Rihard. The two biggest things were consistency and having a relatively active/commendable Twitter presence. Bar none the best funnel for growth.
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@mt_capital1 Yeah I find that consistency is very underrated. So important in anything you do.