Some stats on global market caps
This first table shows market cap of various country's stock markets along with their share of total market capitalization. Note I called out tax havens whose constituent companies had no major presence in the country.

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As of yesterday, there were 6,545 companies with a market value in excess of $100m. This pie chart breaks down the number of companies according to different market caps. For example, orange means there are 4,661 companies with $1B+ valuation, and there are only 43 companies with a market value in excess of $200B.

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This next pie chart shows the number of countries that have a company which is larger than $X market value. For example, there are 68 countries with a company that has at least a $100m valuation, 55 if you exclude tax havens. There are only 12 countries that host a company worth more than $200B:

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Índia is 4th, interesting 🧐