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New Blog: On Spotify's Evolving Gamplan
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Great insights! Question, do you think this evolution is a statement that the current biz model just isn’t going to get the company where they want to go and they need to change?
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@ifb_podcast I think it’s a realization that either the exclusive strategy might have been effective in growing users, but it’s been a drag on the financials. As they rolled out more aggressive financial goals.
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Love the App but still highly unsure about the stock
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The future seems to be coming to a point where apps are overlapping each others functionalities and competing viciously for time spent on the platform. Will be interesting to see how Spotify leverages video moving forward
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So is Spotify's push into video an admission that there's not as much as was thought to the audio/podcast space?
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@tomato maybe, but I’d view it more of a natural progression. Podcast creators want both audio and video options. If $SPOT doesn’t give that to them, someone else will. Still an audio company, but you’ve got to follow the creators.



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