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Unity is really starting to annoy me
What is it with management? It's one thing after another. I would say they just don't seem to get it, but they clearly do, given the fact they sold off a boatload of shares a week before this runtime fee announcement. They get it, but they don't care, which is even worse.

Such a short-term oriented move. This management is clearly just not aligned with their shareholders or userbase, and just doing their own thing.

Like @interrobangbros I will begin selling my position slowly. I'd just feel much more comfortable having my money with a company who's management has a similar time horizon to myself. Sucks because this is a real company, and seems to just need a bit of an overhaul at the top.

Anyways, naturally I ranted about it in my most recent podcast.
if you're interested in my full views on the runtime fees, plus a pretty brief overview of the co.
Unity Software - Brilliant Business, Mediocre Management?
Listen to this episode from Hourglass Investing - For the Self-Directed Investor on Spotify. Unity Software has built an engine that powers creators across gaming, film, and industry - but their management team threatens to tear down the brilliant product and attractive business model with moves that manage to peeve just about everyone involved.

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