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"My Take" Series
Thought I'd give some advance notice on a series of posts I'll be putting out on companies that I own and/or cover. In the next week or so I'm planning to publish pieces on $SNOW, $S, and $HYLN that link to the news, video, or earnings report, give the quick & dirty highlights, and end with my take on it - including impact, takeaways, and much more.

Let me know if you have constructive feedback, questions, or anything specific to cover, otherwise stand by for future posts!
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As an aside, I'm frustrated with my portfolio not linking to Commonstock at the moment but @nathanworden has been extremely helpful with troubleshooting so I'm hoping that the issue is resolved this week.
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@wjared Will check on this again for you as well!
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Will be very interested to hear about $SNOW — I saw that @austin sold it recently. Looking forward to your coverage!



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