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Department of Energy EVs4ALL Funding ($SLDP News)
Exciting news in the electric vehicle and battery technology space!

The DOE allocated $42m through ARPA-E to 12 projects, including ones from Ohio State University, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and a few private companies, one of which is Solid Power ($SLDP).

I’m a Solid Power shareholder so I’ll highlight their project specifically, but feel free to click the link at the bottom to read about the rest of the projects being funded by the DOE.

Description: Solid Power Operating (Thornton, CO) will develop a 3D-structured Li metal anode and novel sulfur (S) composite cathode to enable high-energy and fast-charging EV battery cells. (Award amount: $5,600,000)

The description is fascinating because I haven’t heard of a sulfur composite cathode discussed as part of the roadmap before. Li metal anode makes sense since that’s been socialized as the anode of their two next-gen batteries.

If my assumption is correct, the sulfur composite cathode is the “Next Gen Cathode” in the roadmap picture below.


Good news on all fronts, since that means the DOE is not only sees Solid Power’s next gen batteries as a potential key element of domestic EV production, but is also funding the future roadmap.

Side note: Solid Power got the most funding of all 12 projects at $5.6m!



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