Digital ad revenue

2020: $15.92B
2021: $24.18B
2022: $31.43B


2020: $16.99B
2021: $25.62B
2022: $29.79B

2020: $5.56B
2021: $7.79B
2022: $9.27B


2020: $4.53B
2021: $6.50B
2022: $8.02B

2020: $0.83B
2021: $1.54B
2022: $2.25B

Sachiv's avatar
Interesting to compare the evolution vs the potential for each company.(eg $MSFT and their cloud Xbox launch which could ignite digital ads?!!!).

If he interested to see ad revenue breakdown by platform partner - $GOOG $TTD $PUBM $ATY and others… and idea where/how to compile that data?
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Based off of just expectations I thought that YouTube’s ad revenue would be higher.
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Crazy to see $AMZN more than insta
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Importantly $AMZN advertising is also performance advertising and not brand advertising so it should be more resilient in a recession period.