Meta vs FTC
The FTC sues to block the $META acquisition of VR app firm Within, arguing that the $400M deal would "substantially lessen competition" and "tend to create a monopoly" 🤡

Just a few days ago, I talked about UK regulators arguing about the small Giphy acquisition and how Meta is under massive scrutiny from regulators worldwide. The FTC in particular seems to have clear instructions from the current administration to cause as much trouble for Meta as possible.

That’s why it’s very important for Meta to stay innovative since they can not buy bigger competitors anymore and thus have to build new products on their own. Any signs of key product talent leaving the company, or trouble with hiring new competent people should be viewed extra critical in this case.

However, I’m not seeing trouble on that front right now. The company’s AI division periodically publishes cutting-edge research. Their VR hardware is the best in the world. As long as their innovation stays high-quality, I do not doubt that Meta will prevail.

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Ridiculous :(
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@investmenttalk Yeah, maybe they could take a look at TikTok instead 👀
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@caridinacapital I have a gut feeling that they will only be reactive to TikTok, aka do something only after some major breach of security that becomes ultra-public and hurts US users.