Zhongchao Inc. Launches Medication Management Assistance Mini Program to
Facilitate Cancer Treatment

hanghai,China, January 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/-- Zhongchao Inc. (NASDAQ: ZCMD) (“Zhon gchao” or the “Company”), a platform-based internet technology company offering services to patients with oncology and other major diseases, today announced that Zhongxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zhongxin"), one of the China operating
entities of which the Company consolidates the financial results with through
certain contr actual arrangements, launched the Medication Management Assistance
Mini Program on WeChat (the “Program”) to assist cancer patients in managing
multiple issues during the medication and facilitate whole treatment process.

Zhongxin launched the Program aiming to navigate and solve the medication challenges faced by cancer patients. During cancer treatment process, the use of one or more
anti-tumor drugs, especially targeted and immune drugs, will face various challenges,
including, among others, dosing punctuality, incorrect dosage, missed dose,
taking with other drugs and adverse reaction management. If such challenges
cannot be solved, the treatment process will be negatively affected, and patients’
confidence in treatment could be undermined, ultimately affecting the curative
effect. In order to resolve medication-related challenges in a timely manner
and promote the continuity of treatment, Zhongxin developed and designed the Program
with several functions. The Program can automatically remind patients to take medication
and precautions according to the characteristics of different cancers and consumption
time of medications. It can also provide general self-treatment information based
on the adverse reactions that patients might have taking such medications and
timely provide corresponding self-treatment information for such adverse
reactions specifically encountered by patients during the medication
administration process. Additionally, the Program could train patients’
self-management ability through various illustrations and video courses.
Through the Program, patients can choose different types of cancers and
corresponding drugs to customize and self-manage their medication process, and
such convenience could boost patients’ confidence in their cancer treatment.
Currently, the Program only targets patients with lung cancer and kidney
cancer, and Zhongxin plans to expand to cover other cancers in the future.

Weiguang Yang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zhongchao, commented, "we are excited about the launch of the Program. As cancer treatment technology, drugs and solutions advance, patient-side knowledge and behaviors are increasingly important during treatment process and have positive effects on cancer treatment, we believe that by cultivating good medication habits for patients and providing assistance to patients, it will achieve maximum efficacy and improve cancer treatment outcomes. We expect that the Program will further enhance patient service experience and increase user loyalty.
Going forward, we will continue to improve our services offering to better pursue
our goal of contributing to improved cancer patient treatment experience and outcomes.”

About Zhongchao Inc.
Zhongchao Inc. is an offshore holding company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. It conducts operations in China through the contractual arrangements between its wholly owned subsidiary and PRC operating entities. Zhongchao Inc. is a platform-based internet technology company offering services to patients with oncology and other major diseases. The PRC
operating entities provide online healthcare information, professional training
and educational services to healthcare professionals under their
"MDMOOC" platform (www.mdmooc.org), offer patient management services
in the professional field of tumor and rare diseases through Zhongxin, offer
internet healthcare services through Zhixun Internet Hospital, and pharmaceutical
services through Xinjiang Medical and operate an online information platform,
Sunshine Health Forums, to general public. More information about the Company
can be found at its investor relations website at http://izcmd.com.
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