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SVB tumbles 60%
Silicon Valley Bank, the 16th largest bank in the United States, lost 60% of its market cap in one day.
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What was the market cap before the drop?
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@investmenttalk ~$15.8B. ~$44B 5 months ago.

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@interrobangbros damn, thanks man
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@fintwit Rough ...
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Borrowing short (deposits from tech companies) and lending long (long dated bonds) did not work out well.
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@kostofff ooo this is very good, thank you!
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@kostofff we need to get Josh on this platform.
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Also, if you are interested more on this topic, I would suggest to follow in the future Chris Whalen. He's one of the best analysts in the field of Financials and he featured today exclusively on the update from Blockworks:

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@kostofff listening to this now!



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