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$EVA - wood pellet power plants. Avg contract is 14yrs with new 10yr contract with Euro partners. Risky. 12% yield.

$ORCC - BDC. Recent improved performance. 10% yield.
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What do you like about $ORCC ? Can share any write up or anything about ? I think I heard a podcast about them some times last year (if I’m not mistaking for another Owl Capital )
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@from100kto1m they popped up on some dividend screener I was ready and this article helps too: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4588093-owl-rock-capital-stock-this-bdc-finally-worth-a-look
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@averageinvestor Interesting.
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Wood pellet power unsustainable and bad for the environment. Their claims about sustainability and being good for climate change are bogus.
Blue Orca published a short report on them in October

Obviously always take these with a grain of salt as they are short the stock and management of Enviva refutes the claim. There’s also a SA article saying the report is misleading.
Bottom line: I don’t see how cutting down trees and burning them for fuel is a good business model or good for the environment.
Just my two cents.
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If you are interested in the wood pellet business, you should take a look at Drax. One of the largest pellet maker int he world from the waste of the forestry industry in the US, which are then shipped to the UK and burnt in their power plant here. It is the largest single source of renewable energy in the UK.



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